Becoming Henry Film Discussion Guide for Educators

Corey Samuels, P.H.D., Henry Oertelt's granddaughter, holds his book.

Holocaust survivor & author, Henry Oertelt’s granddaughter, Corey Samuels, P.H.D., holds his book.

We have created a Discussion Guide for Becoming Henry (just click on the link for the PDF)

for our short film. We will likely continually update it and try to continue to post additionally resources for those of you who might want to do the same, or pass it on to a teacher that you know.

Teaching about the Holocaust is not an easy topic, but we designed our short film to help start the conversation. Our film was based on a true story from Holocaust Survivor, Henry Oertelt’s fairly short (160 pages) and non-violent book, An Unbroken Chain: My Journey Through the Nazi Holocaust. He wrote it for about ages twelve year old and up. If students are interested, they can then read Henry’s entire book or listen to him read it via a free podcast. In addition, Henry is one of the 53,000 Holocaust Survivors who gave his testimony to the U.S.C. Shoah Foundation and students can access the entire interview here.

A good place to start online is the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. There is a wealth of information there.

Additionally Echoes and Reflections is another organization that helps educators. Here’s a link to their first sample chapter. Henry’s brother, Kurt Messerschmidt, is the first video in Chapter one where he talks about witnessing the after math the morning after Kristallnacht (the day of broken glass, thought by many as the first day of the Holocaust) in Germany.

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