Project History

Message from the Filmmaker

Dr. Corey Samuels, Inge and Henry Oertelt and producer Stephanie Houser at Henry’s third honorary doctorate ceremony at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN.

I first read Henry Oertelt’s book, An Unbroken Chain: My Journey Through the Nazi Holocaust in April, 2008. It changed my life. I had never learned about the Holocaust formally in school and it occurred to me that neither did millions of other kids in the U.S.  Henry had a non-violent, informative, engaging story – one that I thought would make a terrific film, and teaching tool.

It’s our responsibility, and my honor and privilege to share Henry’s story with the world to do my part in teaching acceptance and hope. Thanks for your support – whether you are interested in spreading the word through an email or social media (you’ll see links on the right margin) donating, going out to see the film in the theater or arranging a screening in your community. You, are a link, in our Unbroken Chain.

Our original concept was that if we could collect a dollar a person, we could educate, raise awareness and money for our film project at the same time. Our initial feature film budget was estimated at six million dollars, the amount of Jewish victims in the Holocaust. We have since decided to shoot a short film so we can keep our commitment to Henry to tell his story. The short will be in film festivals through 2015.

Thank you for your interest.

Stephanie Silverman Houser

steph(at)launchflix dot com

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