Cast and Crew

Heartfelt thanks goes out to our amazing cast and crew – with whom we could never have completed this commitment to our dear friend, Henry, and his family.

CAST (in order of appearance)

Henry Oertelt – Darrel Guilbeau

Steffi Oertelt – Caroline Sullivan

Inge Oertelt – Tricia Lyn Scott

Mary – Christie Brooke

Arnold Fink – Steve Alderfer

Observant Prisoner – Darian Wright

Bilingual Prisoner – Fabian Schopper

Prisoner #3 – Jonathan Frazier

Nazi Soldier – Jeffrey David Anderson

Mrs. Reese – Karen Richter


Hayden Houser Executive Producer Director of Photography

Pamela Lynn Sullivan Producer

Dr. Corey Samuels Associate Producer

Jeffrey David Anderson Co-Producer

Shannon Powers, Casting Director

Anna Goodman-Herrick Director

Rafael Estrella Assistant Director

Bekki VanVliet-Gordon Assistant to the Director

Jeff Deel Editor

Jay Walters Online Editor

Splice Media Color

RVRS:Play Sound Mix

Brad Flick Location Sound

Aaron Grey Boom Operator

LeAiris Music: Original Score

Jaymee Ngernwichit Costume & Set Designer, Casting Assistant

Danny Garcia Camera Operator

Mehul B. Upadhyay Camera Operator

Kristina Goldberg Key Hair/Makeup

Cheyenne Sarfati Makeup Assistant

Jessica LaRue Hair Assistant

Jeremy McGlaughin Grip & Electric

Amelia Knapp On Set Photographer

Robin Sendlein Franceschi Creative

Production Assistants:

Justin Blount

Nancy M. Griffis

Cynthia McCoggle

Julio Newman

Matias Ponce

Esmerelda Salguero

Wayne Winterstein


Jeffrey David Anderson

Stephanie Berger

Kerry Hoose Blower

Joanne Dublin

Robin Sendlein Franceschi

Courtney Gorman

Joe Gosnell

Dr. Corey Samuels

Ed Samuels

Daren McCracken

Craig Michelson

Julio Newman

Heinz Healey Schaldenbrandf

Anita Lurye Silver

Jessica L. Solomon

Pamela Lynn Sullivan

Joel Newman Production Insurance

Teresa Mendoza SAG Business Representative

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