Fiscal Sponor, Donors, Special Thanks

It takes a village to bring a project like this one to life. Thank you so much to our generous fiscal sponsor, The Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust and Executive Director, Mark Rothman – and our donors – our friends and family. You are a link in our “Unbroken Chain.”

LA Museum of the Holocaust:

Our mission is the same: to commemorate and educate about the Holocaust. If you have not yet been, the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust is not to be missed. There you can view award winning interactive exhibits such as the Tree of Testimony, complete with 70 flat screen TV’s where over the course of a year, they will show over 52,000 Shoah Foundation testimonies including those from our departed friend, Henry A. Oertelt and his brother, 97 year old Maine resident, Kurt Messerschmidt. The museum is free and open 7 days a week. It’s located right in Pan Pacific Park across from The Grove. Make a note to visit the next time you are in the area, and drop Stephanie a note to get a personal tour.

The new interactive Tree of Testimony exhibit at LAMOTH.


Ann & Neil Silverman
Rosie Bryant
Nick Laurence
Hayden Houser
Amy Silverman
Eileen Proctor
Kelly Whitebird
Dianne McBride
Shaun O’Mara
Brian Pitman
Cyndee Carlson
Robert Bernard
Bob Nell
Louise Bovington
Corey Samuels
David Merwin
Neil & Allison Rotter
Jan Jurcy
Michelle and Eliot Globerson
Jonathan Mazinter
Martyn Amos
Scott Frank
Brian Lawson
Barbara Myers
Christina & Warren Houser
Alice Healy
Robin Orchard
Candice Reinhardt
Scott Doubet
Trista Dedmon
Angels Among Us
Samantha Levine
Alicia Basteri
Robert Goldish
Bryan Altman
Jennifer McQuesten
Team KEO Solutions LLC
Val Gendleman
Beth Katz
Rachelle Zoffer
Gelie Akhenblit
Solutions Marketing & Consulting
The Kingston Trio
Monique Mendel
William Straley
Mel Kravitz
Nancy Stutman
Nathan Pritzker
Dawn Patterson
Jim Waltrip
Joshua Rales
Dean Foulis
Darrell Reising
David Walker
Susan Geisenheimer
Erin Ramsett
Kathleen Stryski
Renee Behinfar
Samuel Feinstein
Peter Bennett
Amy Olson
Darren Thompson
Jo McMullen-Boyer
Dawn R Kemmer
David J. Devoucoux
Mark J. Langerman
Lynn Alexander
Eva and Duane Polisner
Stephanie Krinetz
Members of the Tribe 2 Networking Group
Adrienne A. Wickstrom
Linda and Howard Zell
Misc. from HWC
Denise Jacobus
Steven and Marjorie Victor
Dawn H. Gouge
Doug and Nancy Carlson, Jim and Tim Andersen
Etta Rikess
Joanne New
Jeff Lerner
Rich Old Man
Jason and Janice Silverman
Cara Jedell
Del Rosa Christian School
Anitahope Lurye Silver

Post Production:

Jamise Grace Liddell

Also, special thanks to:

The Oertelt Family
David and Shari
Sarah and Daniel

The Samuels Family
Ed Samuels
Dr. Corey Samuels
Paul, Colleen and Chance Samuels

Kurt Messersschmidt

Congregation Eitz Chaim:
Rabbi Victor Beck

MarVista Entertainment:
Michael Jacobs
Joseph Szew
Fernando Szew

Hurlbut Visuals
Shane and Lydia Hurlbut

Louise Jordan
Robin Sendlein

Ken Leshin
Lonny Elfbaum
Marc Parmet

Andi Hunt Barness

Lerner Publishing:
Karben Books
Joni Sussman

Joanne Dubin for Location

City of West Toluca Lake, CA
American Military Museum

Ferro Cosmetics
Ola’s Antiques

Louie Ortiz

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